More info please…

While recently exploring the latest summer flight deals on a well-known and recognised travel site, I was presented with this screen on their mobile site.

The mobile site …

Well, I could provide more information if I knew what the acronyms stood for. I can guess some of them, but the rest …

Out of curiosity I then checked the same journey on their desktop site and got something quite different.

… and the desktop site.

Luke Wroblewski writes that mobile first should be the only design strategy for a seamless experience across mobile and desktop sites. In some cases however, long established sites are either working backwards or relaunching their site with mobile at their heart.

If the former is your only recourse at present, beware of cutting too much congestion to enable a quick to the goalpost experience on mobile. You may, as in the above example, cut a little too thin. Trying to use your site shouldn’t be a guessing game.

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