Content prototyping

As a UX designer, sometimes I am called upon to write copy. I quite like to do this, as a writing is a reflective and crafting exercise. I also love Axure and will find any excuse to use it. So was I able to combine the two?

I was recently asked to write new copy for a client-friend’s business website. Tackling this with my UX hat on, I thought how practical it would be to use Axure. This allowed me to validate their suggested site map and use this to create the skeleton of the prototype.

Where the prototype really came into its own, was to illustrate to the client-friend a user’s journey through their website – how to progressively reveal information at the right time to elicit the user’s expected call to action, ie. to pick up the phone and ask for more information.

It helped to identify content gaps and suggest alternate content ideas in a more ‘visual’ way then simply presenting paragraphs of text on a flat A4 page. The client-friend was able to quickly provide feedback on the copy and even come up with some brilliant ideas themselves.

I’ll definitely be employing this method again.

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