Business Insight Solutions (BIS) – LexisNexis

Background: BIS provides research, risk monitoring and media intelligence products to key industries. Product teams are all remote based – product management in USA, UK and Netherlands, with the majority of engineering teams based at the LN headquarters in North Carolina, USA, and design in the UK. Full agile methodologies and ceremonies are in place.

My remit was to:

  • spearhead a transformation product from legacy platform to the new core platform (NexisUni);
  • introduce new features and improve existing experience on a legacy product (Nexis) for existing customers, while;
  • gearing up for a second transformation of the Nexis product to the new core platform for a seamless user transition from old to new. 

The overriding challenge was the migration of B2B products to a platform designed around workflows for legal professionals. In some cases, this meant user-specific features required longer development time, being dependent on external teams workload. Immediate focus shifted from some of these to quick wins to flesh out MVP roadmaps.

Multiple projects:

NexisUni Nexis Uni


 Facebook topic data