Project: Responsive optimisation of research product   Client: BIS LexisNexis

Nexis is a research tool used for due diligence, risk monitoring, but mainly used as a research tool by Fortune 500 corporations, journalists, legal researchers, television and film studios.

Nexis was not optimised for small screens. It could be viewed at a pinch on tablet devices. Nexis was also to be migrated to the new core platform app – a codebase that was not going to support a like-for-like development.

The challenge here was to create responsive pages for the existing product, while keeping an eye to the interaction styles of the new app. Where possible, the old was to mirror the new to mitigate transition issues when Nexis customers were migrated over.

The added difficulty was that the new app, which could be viewed on small screens, had not been subjected to a full responsive overhaul. Stacked elements did not align and some elements disappeared altogether.

This meant that I needed to polish these elements in the new app, before the Nexis-specific changes could be made. This included: