Project: Sales and marketing info portal for point of sales Agency: Havas EHS

Snapshot of responsibilities: User interviews and task analysis, concept sketches, wireframes, visual design direction, client presentation.

IBM Smarter Pipeline is an internal system for lead marketing and insight used by salespeople in transit and on site with clients. The system aggregates data from multiple systems and is primarily used on tablet.

I worked on site with IBM researchers and developers in Zurich for 3 days, collecting requirements, task analyses and speaking to users. On return to London, a designer and I had 3 days to create interface designs for a dashboard to access the data.

ibm1Initial sketches done whilst on site with the client

I created Balsamiq mockups for system pages I hadn’t yet sketched

Sketches were taken to design stage where both the designer
and I refined the interactions

The recommendations screen is the most accessed part of the system. This collates vast data on sales, marketing and financial information for each client. Future efforts were to collect information from the field to refine marketing intelligence