Peugeot UK

Project: Customer journey research  Agency: Havas EHS

Snapshot of responsibilities: Customer (existing, new and lost) interviews, note transcribing, creating customer journeys from interviews, creating a metric for scoring interview answers, refining user personas, design direction.

I worked alongside marketing consultants to conduct and observe over 30 interviews – face to face interviews and 2 focus groups – participants which fit within 7 personas.

Using the transcripts, I created a score card for which to plot each of the 30 participants on their own customer journey flow. These were then consolidated to create one journey for each persona. Details which fell out of this exercise were used to update the existing personas.

These were given graphic treatment to be used as materials for a 2 day ideation workshop consisting of key creatives from Peugeot (France), Google UK and Microsoft to discuss the future of automotive.


Beginning with observation and transcribing 30 interview participants,
these transcripts formed the base of the data collection

I created a metric to measure all interview respondents including all touchpoints participants mentioned they access in their car buying experience

PGTresearch1 PGTresearch2 PGTresearch3

The metric helped me to translate responses to create a picture
of the respondent’s approach to car buying


While at the same time, I collected details from the transcripts to update the personas


Each participant was allocated to a corresponding persona (of which there were 7).
The details of each persona grouping was consolidated to form an overall picture
for each persona

Final customer journeys