Sytner Group

Project: UX strategy pitch   Agency: ThinkTMB

Snapshot of responsibilities: Prepare pitch concept and presentation for website, user journeys, personas, competitor analysis.

I was hired by ThinkTMB to assist in conceiving a vision and pitch for a digital overhaul of the Sytner Group of websites. The car group pride themselves on their high scores of customer service and wanted this ethic to follow through to their online presence. From a competitor analysis of both other car groups and non-automotive services I created a one-off and unique approach which did not at the time exist elsewhere for car dealerships.

Created two indicative personas and a desired user journey for the new strategy

Re-imagined home pages for desktop and responsive. The challenge being that Sytner cater for over 30 car brands.

Optimised and simplified car search.

The hub of the proposal – fully automated information dashboard for existing customers, catching them at the time of finding their new car through to aftersales or exchange.