Teachers TV

Project: Video production tool

Snapshot of responsibilities: Concept sketching and maps, feature mapping, user journeys, IA, wireframing greenfield projects as well as streamlining existing features, interaction specification, visual design direction, overseeing front end developers, microcopy, responsive design, QA, discovery for new initiatives.

Teachers TV wanted a new tool to exploit the further use of their vast video content library. An idea was proposedĀ to create a tool that allowed teacher trainers to create their own teacher training presentations using video materials from the catalogue.

I was tasked with testing the feasibility of the idea and create a conceptual prototype.

I interviewed and visited a total of 15 teacher trainers to ascertain their processes and tasks around developing training materials.

From the research I created a concept map, detailing and linking features

I was then able to create a feature or experience map, outlining a user flow and what tasks were required along the journey

In Axure I created a high-fidelity prototype as it would be used for user testing. The main focus of my work was in the envisioned My Library area where the collection and creation of the training materials would occur.

I prepared the test script and recruited 2 facilitators to conduct the tests with 8 participants, while I observed

I distilled all of the interview data into a report with recommendations for amends for a phase 1 development. I presented these findings to the Board.