Tax calculator

Project: Tax calculator (NB: This tool has now been white-labelled using Simple Tax.)

I created the user journey, wireframes and prototype for an initial pilot for the 2013-2014 tax year. Previously existing as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet, which I broke down into segments to create a basic form. I worked with content experts, helping them to craft help tips and microcopy for the online linear sequence.

 Initial sketches to identify the entry points and flows for different users

Initial sketches of ideas to show the calculator workings based
on the user’s input and how best to present the information

Initial sketches of a ‘scratchpad’ – where the user can see
at a glance their calculations to date

User journey showing the anticipated flow through the tax form

User journey showing the anticipated flow through the tax form to receiving a tax estimate. Also shows how content and help tips will be surfaced and error messaging

Admin journey required analysis so the Money Advice team could have read-only access to subscribers details to assist with problems

I created clickable wireframes in Axure for reference by the designers,
developers and the content editors

It was the vision for future iterations of the calculator, that the calculated figures
would export directly into the online HMRC self assessment system.