Which? Switch

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Which? Switch: Similarly as with Which? Wills, Switch also integrated a third party vendor into a new website to provide a new service. This service would allow users to acquire a real time cost comparison across appropriate UK energy providers.

Firstly I needed to understand how the tool worked and how it could be customised. For this I consulted with product managers from with Which and the vendor. From this point I could plan my design work, to dovetail with that of the visual designer, whose allocated time for this project was limited. This understanding allowed me to create a simple user journey and site map.

The service had to look as though it was entirely Which hosted. The guiding principle for kickstarting a customer query was right from the home page, eliminating explanatory or marketing speak which often slows down the process.

Little design amend was possible with the form pages. However banners and colours were tied in to represent Which branding.

Other supporting pages reused some existing content that was audited by Which editorial staff.