Which? Wills

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I created a new design for the existing Which? Wills site. The reason behind the upgrade was the integration of a third party tool to try-before-they-buy creating an online Will document.

The platform created a number of challenges, for eg. it was not mobile optimised and its interface was in stark difference to the Which design, and allowed minimal customisation. Also to create the draft Will was an excessive click through of pages – grouping similar questions to reduce the pages was also not possible.

Given these hurdles my primary focus was to reduce the amount of user time required – learning their way around and also creating the draft document combined. Taking apart the questionnaire, I put on the home page, the simple multiple choice that leads the user to the appropriate Will template they need. This also helped with the transition to Which site to the platform. Here I could add messaging to alert the user they were being directed to a tool and what they needed to do to proceed.

Design integration was limited, however working with the designer enabled me to carry much of the Which brand guidelines as allowed into the tool’s interface. This went some way in making it look part of the Which site journey.

The tool also had shopping cart and checkout functionality. Again limited customisation, however I recommended microcopy changes and the addition of ‘Verisign’ for user assurance, which were included.