What’s Netflix got to do with CX?

Think about the last time a colleague or friend recommended a new show to watch on Netflix.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Some of the recommendations I’ve received are:

“I love Character X. I laugh my sides off when they’re around.”

Or. “It’s really dark. Nothing like what I’ve seen before.”

Or. “When you start it, you’ll be thinking ‘what the…?’ But stick with it; it’ll get better.”

Or. “Yeh colleague B told me about it. I watched the first episode but couldn’t get into it.”

Any of these statements could draw some parallels to customer experience, no?

Substitute ‘first episode’ for the very first touchpoint a customer has, and its deflating and disappointing it could have.

Substitute ‘stick with it’ for those scenarios where organisations have their customers so far entrenched through substantial time and money served, that no matter what under-handed tactic they may employ, won’t budge them. They’ll complain and make some noise. Customers that invested won’t ever leave.

Imagine ‘it’s really dark’ as a customer response when they discover in the fine print, those inescapable terms and conditions that were never disclosed before signing.

Then imagine: “I love [ business X ]. They’re such a joy to work with.”

Who wouldn’t want to be associated with that Netflix show?

By the way, the term binge watching has made it into the online Oxford and Merriam-Webster dictionaries.